Bhakta Vijayam discourse series by Sri Poornimaji in Orlando, FL

By the immense grace and compassion of our beloved Guru Maharaj and by the causeless mercy of Madhuri Sakhi sameta Sri Premika Varadan and Sri Jagannath Parivaar, GOD Satsang Orlando was blessed with 3 days of “Bhakta Vijayam” discourses and divine “Radha Kalyanam” in the auspicious presence of Sri Poornima ji. The events were held from February 9th through February 12 at various locations in Orlando.

Feb 9 th – Sri. Vallabha Charitram
The discourse was held at the residence of Geeta ji/Gopi ji. Approximately 55 devotees joined and participated in the event. Sri Poornima ji beautifully extolled the Charithram of Sri Vallabhacharya and leelas of Srinath ji.

Feb 10th – Hanumath Prabhava from Hanuman Chalisa
The discourse was held at the residence of Sujata ji/Balaji Kottapak ji. Approximately 80 devotees attended the event. Gopakuteeram kids were blessed to chant Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman ji’s slokas and kirtans in the presence of Sri Poornima ji.

Sri Poornimaji’s discourse on Hanumath Prabhava was so amazing and gripping that several kids including adults were glued to their positions.

Feb 12th – Radha Kalyanam
God Satsang Orlando was immensely blessed to celebrate Radha Kalyanam with Sampradaya bhajans, Ashtapatis and Madhurageetams in the presence of Sri Poornimaji.

Around 75 devotees attended the event in the morning at the residence of Ranjani ji/Nagarajan ji. The event was all the more blissful in the presence of Maha Periva and Sri Guruji’s holy Padukas. The beautiful rendition of Ashtapadis and kirtans in conjunction with mridangam filled the atmosphere with divine vibrations.

Feb 12th -Purandaradasa Charithram
The last discourse was held at the residence of Sindhu ji/Babu ji. Approximately 55 devotees attended the event. Sri Poornimaji captivated the attendees with a blissful katha interspersed with Sri Puradaradasa’s kritis.

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