GOD USA Clean-up Drive in Houston

The GOD USA Clean-Up Drive, a small effort by Global Organization for Divinity (G.O.D.), to give back to its community, was originally scheduled as part of Houston Namadwaar’s second anniversary celebrations on March 11, 2012. However, due to inclement weather that day, the event was postponed to Saturday, April 14, 2012.

By the immense grace of our Guru Maharaj, April 14, the first day of the New Year for many Indians, dawned bright and beautiful in Houston. There was a light cloud cover all through the day, which hid the otherwise warm Houston sun, while a wonderfully strong breeze made walking in the outdoors extremely enjoyable.

About 10 volunteers, including an enthusiastic 8-year-old, were clad in G.O.D. T-shirts that read “Lend your hands to do good… Lend your heart to be good” and “Humanity and Divinity are inseparable”. They were fully equipped with fluorescent volunteer vests, trash-pickers, gloves and trash bags thanks to Keep Pearland Beautiful, a local organization affiliated with the larger Keep America Beautiful.

After a prayer with the Mahamantra at Namadwaar, the volunteers set to work around 10:20 am. They started from the corner of Curry Street and Bailey Avenue picking trash from the grassy roadside belt, sidewalks, curbside storm drains and the road itself. Bailey Avenue is right at the border of both Manvel and Pearland cities, so by picking trash on both sides of the road, the volunteers were simultaneously helping both these Houston suburbs. The volunteers worked their way down Bailey avenue heading west up to County Road 90, then turned north along CR 90 for a few blocks, and then headed back up the same route along the other side of the road. The whole project lasted about an hour.

The event was completed once again with Mahamantra chanting–with gratitude for the wonderful experience–at Namadwaar, and harathi. Volunteers then celebrated their hard work with a pizza lunch sponsored by G.O.D.

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