Gopakuteeram Radha Kalyanam in Seattle

A Radha Kalyanam, in which the Gopakuteeram (GK) kids and their family performed Radha Kalyanam was held on Sunday, December 3rd 2017 at VEDA Sri Venkateswara Temple, Redmond WA from 2pm to 6pm. Each GK family was given their own mini-kalyanam set which contains a unique mandapam, Radha & Krishna, wedding material and more. Using this, everyone performed their kalyanam along side the main kalyanam performed by Sri Poornimaji in the main stage. Sri Poornimaji, explained the
significance of each step of the Kalyanam, in a way that both children and adults understood. It was truly blissful to watch 40 + families perform the kalyanam. Bhajans and ashtapathis accompanied the divine couple’s wedding. Following the Radha Kalyanam, Preeti from NatyaShiksha performed three dance pieces on Madhurageetham. The event concluded with a local vocal artist Sowmiya,rendering Madhurageetham melodiously. The event was truly memorable Close to 70 members attended the event.

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