Jagannath Parivar Rath Yatra with Akanda Nama by GOD Jacksonville Chapter

GOD Satsang Jacksonville usually hosts the Jagannath Parivar Rath Yathra every year during the second weekend of September. But 2020 brought about its own challenge. While the entire world is challenged with a pandemic and practicing social distancing, divinity had its own plans. All we knew was that we were not able to follow the path that we went through last year.

We as Satsangis wanted to have a grand Yathra, as this is the first year for our beloved Jagannath Parivar blessed by our Guru Maharaj for Jacksonville but we will have to do it differently. We just planned to do it as an Akhanda Nama for six hours on Saturday, September 12th, 2020 from 11.30 am through 5.30 pm.

When divine will ordains, things align by themselves even with very little effort. Sri Ramanujam ji planned for the Akhanda Nama Poorthy to be a special Satsang and made it to be a Rath Yathra. We reminisced the previous years of Rath Yathra with a small video snippet. Sri Ramanujam ji’s speech underlined the fact that the Rath Yathra was held on that day as a Nama Rath Yathra. It is indeed a memorable year for all of us to have continuous downpour of Satsangs and also to be blessed have a Nama Rath Yathra.

Over 50 Jacksonville Satsangis participated in the Nama Rath Yathra.

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