Krishnarpanam- A three day lecture series in Bay Area, CA

Sri Ramanujamji delivered a three day lecture series on Lord Krishna’s divine plays at Sanatana Dharma, Sunnyvale from December 5th to Friday, December 7th 2012. On Wednesday, he delivered a lecture on Krishna Jananam. He beautifully explained the birth of Lord Krishna, the descent of divinity. The devotees listened to the lecture with awe and reverence. Sri Ramanujamji beautifully articulated how Kamsa imprisoned Vasudeva and Devaki after hearing the divine voice [Asharira Vak] that the Devaki’s eighth garba will destroy him. Sri Ramanujamji when explaining the dialogue between Kamsa and Sage Narada, drove home the precept that a SadGuru will appear at the right time to fulfill a divine sankalpa.
The second day of the Krishnarpanam lecture series started off with mahamanthra and rendition of kirtans composed by His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji.
Sri Ramanujamji started the talk by describing the childhood pranks of Krishna and went on to narrate in detail the episode of “Poothana Moksham”. Poothana disguised herself as a pretty woman and came to feed poison laden milk to Krishna and on the other hand Yashoda, herself a beautiful woman, fed Krishna milk with love. Sri Ramanujamji differentiated the two adjectives “pretty” and “beautiful” saying prettiness causes agitation and a desire to possess, where as beauty brings everlasting joy. The lord bestowed the highest state, Moksham to both Yashoda and Poothana . Sri Ramanujamji lucidly elucidated that even Sage Suka was not able to comprehend this compassion of the lord – “kam va dayalum sharanam vraje ma!!”. The satsang ended with Dhamodhara leela and Sthuthi expounded by the sons of Kubera seeking Lord for satsang always.

Rukmini Kalyanam was celebrated in a grand manner on the final day by doing Shravanam and Smaranam of the divine wedding from Srimad Bhagavatham. The satsang began with rendition of Gajendra Stuthi. Sri Ramanujamji started off by elucidating how Rukmini enjoyed hearing to the stories of Krishna and surrendered solely to His lotus feet. Sri Ramaujamji expounded how Rukmini wrote slokas in seven stanzas expressing her desire to marry him and sent it through a Brahmin, who was a messenger to Lord Sri Krishna. Sri Ramanujamji said that these seven slokas symbolize the Sapthapathi which is present in Hindu wedding where the bride takes her first seven steps with the groom taking many vows. The lecture came to an end with chanting of Mahamanthra by everyone followed by prasad and Aarathi.

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