Lecture at Shankara Eye Foundation

Date: December 16, 2009
Venue: Shankara Eye Foundation
Event: Lecture by Sri Ramanujamji

Sri Ramanujamji spoke about Hindu Dharma – the 4 types of purushaarthas and how kaama or desire to get materialistic things for oneself should be expanded to service for others. He spoke at length on what true service is and the difference between help (expecting something in return) and service (unconditional and without expectation).
We should strive to serve in whatever tiny way we can and we have succeeded even if we have made a small difference in any one’s life.

He also said that usually we become proud of something or the other in life—wealth, education, status, caste etc. and doing service is one such pitfall–the pride of service makes us lose the merits we have earned by the service. We should learn to be humble and continue to serve with humility.

Sri Ramanujamji quoted Swami Vivekananda’s saying to highlight the need for passion in one’s life. In response to a listener’s query on the difference between passion and greed, he said that when we start having such doubts, we should turn the query inwards and find the limits for oneself. He applauded the efforts of Sankara Eye Foundation volunteers in doing what they were doing despite the pressures of work and life. He said that giving sight to someone is like giving a second life to that person as lack of eyesight is the worst crippling disability of all.

Since that day was Hanumath Jayanti, Ramanujamji also spoke on how Hanuman rendered service to Lord Sri Rama and Sita and how we should always pray to Hanumanji to prevent the pride of service from pulling us down. All the 35 listeners enjoyed the talk.

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