Navratri GopaKuteeram in Chicago

GOD Chicago satsang conducted their monthly Gopa Kuteeram session on September 18th 2011. The theme was based on Navratri. The event started by chanting the Mahamantra. The kids were taught a sloka on Goddess Saraswati. The kids were then taught a song “Sri Rama Sri Uma”, composed by Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. The kids sang along beautifully. Back to Basics was centered around Navaratri and Golu. Mahishasura Mardhini-The Victory of Good over Evil was the story of the month. The kids relished the story and did a wonderful role play enacting different characters from the story. For craft time, the gopas and gopis were asked to make a Trident from ice cream sticks and construction paper.The session was concluded by chanting the Mahamantra and Mangala Arti. Around 6 families attended the event. The Chicago Gopa Kuteeram is planning to conduct the 2nd anniversary during the last week of October.

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