‘Rama Bhakti Samrajyam’ – 9-day discourse series in Atlanta,GA

Sri Poornimaji delivered a 9-day discourse series on Lord Rama’s Bhakta Charitras at Sri Hanuman Mandir from April 7th-15th 2016. She enthralled the devotees with her beautiful expositions on Bhakta Sabari, Sant Kabirdas, Sant Tulasidas, Sri Thyagaraja, Sri Bhadrachalam Ramadasar, Vibheeshana Sharangathi and Hanumath Prabhavam. Close to 100 people listened to Sri Poornimaji’s discourses with awe and reverence daily and about 1300 devotees were blessed to hear Sri Poornimaji on the day of Sri Rama Navami. Her lectures enthralled the devotees and many new families were interested to take part in GOD conducted satsangs. A special mention that many kids documented some of the key precepts during the lectures on all the nine days. The devotees in Atlanta were truly blessed to listen to Sri Poornimaji during the auspicious week of Sri Rama Navami.

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