Rama Navami Celebrations in Glen Allen, VA

On the 19th of April 2013, Lord Rama’s birth was celebrated in the context of Rama Navami Utsav at the residence of Ms. Malathi Murali and Sri Murali at Glen Allen, VA in the presence of the divine Padukas of our Guru Maharaj.
The satsang started with an ‘Oonjal Utsav’ where Lord Rama and the Divine Padukas of our Guru Maharaj were seated on a beautifully decorated swing and swayed to the melodious Madhura Geetham (divine compositions of our Guru Maharaj). The ambiance was perfect when the clouds were ready to shower their tears of joy marking the auspicious day and the gentle breeze kept the sway of the swing rhythmic.
Then commenced the Parayana (reading) of the sections of Valmiki Ramayana pertaining to the birth of Lord Rama. As the chapter on Sage Rishyasringa’s performance of Yagna at Ayodhya commenced, the clouds broke into rains! After reading the remaining chapters, the birth of Lord Rama was celebrated. Sri.Narayananji from Boston narrated the segments pertaining to Ramavatara from Ramayana.

This was followed by a two-hour Madhura Geetham culminating in a Divya Nama Sankirtan that went well into the night.
Earlier, on Thursday evening, (April 18th), satsang on Guru Mahima was conducted with Mahamantra Kirtan and Sri Swamiji’s Kirtans.
About 20 devotees from Virginia and Washington DC participated in the satsang.

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