Ramanuja vaibhavam in Pomona, NY

Date: September 29 2007
Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Topic: Sri Ramanuja Vaibhavam
Venue: Pomona Sri Ranganatha Temple, Pomona, NY.
Pravachana karta: Kum. Poornima Kumarasami

It was a Saturday and the venue was Sri Ranganatha Swami temple. Could there be a better time and place to reminisce Sri Ramanujacharya’s charitam than this one? Poornimaji, began the speech with Mahamantra kirtan. She moved on to describing the glory of Sri Ramanuja. The listeners were taken aback when Poornimaji narrated the selfless nature of Sri Ramanuja when He announced the Narayana mantra to the world without the worry of going to hell. She said that it takes a lot of courage for one to do such a thing especially in the age of Sri Ramanuja, when caste and creed system was given utmost importance.  

Poornimaji highlighted Sri Ramanujacharya’s intention to spread nama throughout the world. She also indicated how His thoughts on Namakirtan was in line with that of many mahans that it is the easiest path in the age of kali to attain mukti.

The devotees were very receptive and the temple echoed with Mahamantra when the event came to a close. The speech by Poornimaji aroused the interest in many of the devotees which lead to their enquiry about the mission and its activities. Mr. Venkat Kanumalla helped in organizing this event.

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