Special Remote Satsangs by GOD Atlanta

Dashama Skanda Parayanam : GOD Atlanta organized Dashama Skanda Parayanam on Sunday the 26th of April. By Sri Guruji’s grace, the Parayanam started at 8 am in the morning and continued uninterrupted till 5pm in the evening. Over 50 satsang bhaktas both adults and kids enthusiastically participated in the e-satsang and chanted chapters 1 to 54.

An Intimate Divine Discussion : Ekdasha Skandam discourse by Sri Ramanujam ji. An enriching e-satsang for the mind and soul was organized by GOD Atlanta from Apr 13th to Apr 17th. The lecture was very well received by Satsang Bhaktas from different parts of the world. The highlight was the Q and A session where Ramanujam ji’s gave reassuring answers to the devotees pressing questions.

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