Sri Rama Navami Satsang in Philadelphia by Sri Poornimaji

By the blessings and grace of Sri Guruji, celebrated Sri Rama Navami with the pravachan on Sita Kalyanam at Sri Tirupati Rao and Soujanya ji’s residence in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The satsang was very well attended by about 40 devotees including children. Sri Poornimaji expounded on how Ratnakar turned into Valmiki Maharishi by grace of sage Narada and bestowed Ramayanam for all of us to cherish.

She nicely summarized the events leading to Sri Rama jananam, narrating the bala leela of Sri Rama from Sri Thyagaraja Swami’s kirtan, sage Vishwamitra – Dasaratha Samvadam, Ahalya getting rid of her curse and concluded the satsang with the auspicious Sita Kalyanam.

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