The Mantra with no rules

Date: January 20, 2008
Time: 9am-1:30pm
Topic:  Mantra with no rules.
Venue: Naperville, Illinois.
Pravachanakarta: Smt Yamini K

About 40 people were gathered to perform Gayathri Pooja. When this event concluded, Smt Yaminiji was given a chance to sing Mahamantra. She did so and went on to talk about the Gayathri Mantra; the rules associated with this mantra and also explained that this Mantra was chanted to receive the power of the Sun God. She said that the Vedas that prescribed Gayathri Mantra for Vaideeka dharma also prescribed Mahamantra for Bhagavata dharma. Mahamantra has no rules. She re-iterated the fact that Mahamantra could be chanted by anyone in any state. She brought to light the unconditional power of Mahamantra by saying that this Mantra bestows the person who chants, all his needs irrespective of the amount of faith / belief with which he/she chants.
She concluded her talk by requesting one and all of the participants to chant Mahamantra atleast eleven times every day and the participants agreed to it.

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