Woburn realises the greatness of Nama

Date Sep 27 2007
Topic: Naama Mahimai
Time: 6:30pm – 8pm
Venue: Residence of Ms.Nithya and Mr Rajesh, Woburn, MA
Pravachana Karta: Sri Ramanujam Mukundagiri

As the devotees entered the house to attend the satsang, the smell of incense sticks filled the air and the Mahamantra kirtan by Sri Sri Swamiji filled their ears. The devotees were singing the Mahamantra, well before the satsang could start.

Sri Ramuji emphasized on the importance of Namakirtan in this Kaliyuga. Nama not only cleanses our sin, but also purifies ones mind so that he does not commit them anymore. The highlights of his speech is as follows “The basic needs of man are food, clothing and shelter. The Pandavas got their kingdom back; Draupadi got a limitless supply of her clothing when she cried out Krishnas name and the story of akshaya paathram; all of them go to demonstrate that Krishna provides his devotees with the all that they need, if they Chant His name. Not only the basic needs, but the lives of saints like Tukaram, Namadev, Janabai, Senanayi and a whole bunch of Pandarpur bakthas go to show that Krishna does any kind of job (cobbler, barber, weaver etc) for anyone who is ready to sing His name.”

Sri Ramujis speach was interleaved with the kirtans of Thyagaraja, Badrachala Ramadas, Purandaradas and abhangs of Pandarpur devotees to drive home the fact that the Grace of God is what one should crave for and the best way to do it is Namakirtan.

When the satsang was over, the devotees carried the Mahamantra in their heart. It seemed that the Ramujis fabulous speech bore fruits. The devotees get together for satsang on Tuesdays/Wednesdays every week to chant Mahamantra in Mrs Nithya and Mr. Rajesh’s house.
– Gayathri Sathiamoorthy

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