Quiz Time – Warli Art

Warli Art

This month’s quiz is based on Warli painting, a popular and ancient form of tribal art that originated in the Western Ghat region.

1. Name the state in India where Warli painting originated.
a. Rajasthan
b. Maharashtra
c. Tamil Nadu

2. Warli painting predominantly uses a set of _______________.
a. Geometric shapes (circle, triangle, and a square).
b. Colors (Red, Blue, and Green)
c. Themes and Scenes from Puranas

3. What does the term ‘Warli’ mean?
a. Piece of fabric
b. Piece of land
c. Piece of art

4. Warli painting themes mainly depict _______________.
a. Mother Nature and Scenes from normal daily routine
b. Scriptures
c. Images of deities

5. What type of paint is generally used in Warli paintings?
a. Natural dyes, and White pigment made from a mixture of rice flour and water
b. Acrylic paints
c. Oil paints

6. Warli artists traditionally use ________________ as the backdrop for their paintings.
a. Cotton
b. Clay and mud surfaces
c. Canvas

7. When did Warli paintings originate in India?
a. 9th-century
b. 10th-century
c. 11th century

8. Name the Indian tribal group who created Warli folk art.
a. Baigas
b. Baina
c. Warlis

9. What kind of paintbrush is used in Warli paintings?
a. Nylon brush
b. Acrylic brush
c. Bamboo stick

10. How can one distinguish Warli painting from other Indian folk paintings?
a. Warli paintings use bright colors
b. Warli paintings are linear and use monochromatic shades
c. Warli paintings use complex geometric shapes and patterns

1-a, 2-a, 3-b, 4-a, 5-a, 6-b, 7-b, 8-c, 9-c, 10-b

Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose, CA

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