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Whenever any honour is done to a person the recipient must remember the divine source from which he derived the qualifications to receive that honour, and feel humble and not elated with a feeling of self – importance | Kanchi …


The total surrender to the Lord is a means of learning our insignificance and the transcendent grace of the Lord. | Sri Kanchi Paramacharya

Be humble and then you shall find what you seek. | Kanchi Paramacharya Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal  (to Paul Brunton)

Rama Nama is divine nectar. Ramayana is divine nectar. Rama Himself is divine nectar. Don’t we even name (a child) ‘Ramamrutham’? Can you find the name ‘Krishnamrutham’ or ‘Sivamrutham’? Well! How is it that in Rama alone is found this …


Cultivate friendship which will conquer all hearts Look upon others as thyself Renounce war, forsear competition Give up aggression on others which is wrong Mother Earth, our mother is here, ready to give us all we desire The Lord, our …


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