Sabari – Lord comes knocking at the door – Children’s Contribution

Sabari was a tribal woman and she lived in a forest serving Sage Matanga, her guru. She helped Sage Matanga by doing daily jobs like bringing good water to drink and flowers. Sabari worked very hard in the big forest. One day her guru blessed her, told her to chant Rama Nama always and said, ’’Rama and Lakshmana will come to see you!’’. Then he went to heaven in the sky.

Now every day, she prepared the ashram to welcome Rama and Lakshmana. Sabari
picked fruits and tasted them to make sure they were sweet. She also set up flowers on the
sidewalk. After many years, one day when she was setting up the flowers, Rama and Lakshmana came. Sabari greeted them and welcomed them into the ashram. She washed Their Holy feet with water. Then Sabari fed them the sweet fruits. Rama said that the fruits were delicious. Rama said that he felt like his own mother was feeding Him the sweet fruits. Then she told them that Sugriva lived in the west. Then she told them that they could also fight and win Sita and then Sabari showed them where her guru Sage Matanga did all his great prayers. Rama and Lakshmana were pleased and they blessed her. Then Sabari went to heaven to join her Guru.

Moral: We should have faith in our Guru’s words and in the Lord’s Name. Sabari’s story tells that if we listen to our Guru and do as he says, God will give Darshan to us.

Story and Illustration by
Keerthi Iyer, 7 years, San Jose CA

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