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Since Nama Sapthaham is going to happen at Houston, I decided to take a ride on my ‘imagination’ horse. This time I let my fertile imagination to reach unimaginable heights, yes, to Vaikundam, and got an opportunity to eavesdrop at the conversation of Bhagavan with others.

Place: Vaikundam Date: 12/27/2010 Time: 3.30am

Our one and only Vaikundanathan/Madhusudan/Hrishikeshan/Padmanaban/Sri Hari was laying on His couch….sorry, cool snake cushion with His eyes half closed. Just then He got a message on His iphone. It was an invitation from…? Reading it, a mandakasa smile arose on His lips and He slowly got up. At the same time Brahmaji enters.

Brahmaji – Sahasra sheersha purusha:  sahasraksha sahasrapaat…..

Krishna- Very nice! (He kept moving)

Brahmaji – What? You are not going to hear my Purusha Suktham?

(Krishna smiles and Narada enters.)

Narada – Father, can you please pause for a minute. Of course I understand that you are well versed in Vedas, but come on! Give Him a break! (looking at Krishna) Purushothama! Manamohana! Deenadayala! Narayana! I just composed a new kirtan on you. Shall I sing it now?

(Krishna smiles and kept moving.)

Narada-What? I really can’t believe are not going to hear my kirtan?

(Brahmaji laughs closing his mouth with his hand, when Shiva enters)

Shiva- It’s dance time. My offering to you from my heart, it’s a ‘dhil’-lana (thillana)

(Uddhava and Vidhura rush inside. Krishna gives a brand new premium denim lucky brand jeans to Uddhava and tells…)

Krishna- Oh Uddhava! This jeans has become so old (liar), would you like to wear it?

(Uddhava is very happy and he gets it)

Uddhava- Wow! Branded jeans!

Vidura- Hey Vasudeva! Achyutha! Yadhunandana! Janardhana! I came to invite you to the New Year party at our house. I promise you that this time I will not feed you with banana skin but really delicious sweets.

(Krishna smiles and kept moving)

Lakshmi – Nadha, I know I should not ask you where you are going?, but still can’t resist. Did some Dumbo elephant call you? Does some devotee want Kumaran silks-saree and called your name? Or any small boy got insulted in any parliament or any meeting and started meditating on you?

(Everyone yelled “Tell us, tell us”)

Krishna- Ok, okey, are you all checking your face book regularly?

Brahmaji – I had a neck-ache, so didn’t check today.

Narada – Father, you can’t say it blankly like that, was it your front neck, or one of the side ones or the back one?

Brahmaji – My back neck.

Narada – Good, you have to be specific, but I really feel sorry about that.(looking at Krishna) Oh Narayana, my Veena’s wire got cut off, so I was busy fixing it.

Lakshmi– I saw it two days back, it said that there was a sale at KOHL’s and people even went shopping during Brahmamuhoortham! Crazy people…

Indra – Ramba, Menaka and Indrani also went. But internet connection was pretty slow at my place, need to steal a new connection from Boo-lok.

Uddhava and Vidhura – We were having a satsang with Maithreyar, as of how Jaya and Vijaya are taking multiple births and the earth is filled with Hiranyakaspus and Kamsas.

Krishna- Guys, no one saw what I saw? There is going to be a NAMA SAPTHAGAM at Houston. Seven days of just NAMA, kirtans, satsangs and sangeetha upanyasam (looking at Uddhava and Vidhura) to fight against Kali and evil. Especially on 31st there is going to be a grand celebration with cultural programs and other events. I am planning to go there.

Shiva- Yes, yes! I heard about that. Bakthas from different parts of US are coming to Houston Namadwaar to do AkandaNama, right?!

Narada – Can I come?!

Brahmaji – Can I come?!

Indra – Can I come?!

Kubera – I am just bored counting money, can I also come?!

Uddhava – Swami! Please don’t ask me to go to Badrikashramam this time. I want to come with you!

Lakshmi – Me too, nadha!

Krishna – You all can come with me on my Limo Garuda that has lot of space to fit everyone. Hari up, I don’t want to miss even a minute of the Nama Sapthaha of my dear dear bhagavathas!

Since they were all coming out I had to hide myself and ride my imagination horse back to my house. If the whole divine family from Vaikundam is going to go to Nama Sapthaha then …….

Radhe Radhe Bhagavathas, it’s high time that you all book tickets and go to Houston Namadwaar to enjoy the nectarine of chanting Nama and experience the divine presence of Bhagavan and Guruji.

Radhe Radhe!
Hema Kalyan, Dallas

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