The Saptaha Utsav is here, once again!

Good Day and Radhe Radhe!

Thinking about the Houston Saptaha Utsav gets me excited! It makes me nostalgic at the same time.  2008 saw a wonderful Bhagavata Saptah in Radha-Krishna temple in Sugar Land, 2009 saw a wonderful program in two places –  Sri Meenakshi Temple and Sri Sai Mandir and today we are, with the Nama Saptaha at our own Namadwaar.

In many ways, our Houston Namadwaar is like a mother – someone whose looks don’t matter as much as her heart – which glows radiantly as there reside our Thakurji, Guru Maharaj and Gaur-Nitai; she is an abode of love and compassion for the same reason – her heart houses the very source of love and compassion; whenever her children come to her, no matter from which corner of the world, she makes them feel at home, feeds them with prasad at appropriate times, and showers the love and hospitality that one experiences in his/her mother’s home;  she has been organizing parties and celebrations (of course, Nama-driven!) at least once a month; making sure her children meet in satsang more often!

And so, now, the Nama Saptah Utsav is her brand-new baby! Exactly 40 weeks after her inception, she now has a cutie!  And its time to celebrate the baby!  Lets all welcome it with love!

My wife and I have our tickets set! Can’t wait to see the little one!  Can’t wait to meet the hosts! And can’t wait to see all those who are coming to visit the little one!

So long,

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