Crossword – Mohandas K. Gandhi


October 2 is the birthday of Gandhiji, the great saint who is the most powerful figure in recent Indian political history and to whom Indians the world over owe their freedom. Think you know all about him? Test your knowledge here.



2 Gandhiji used this term to refer to “People of God”

4 Gandhiji’s birthday is referred to as this day, in India

6 Gandhiji’s father

7 The Sabarmathi ashram is located here

8 The birth month of Gandhiji

11 Birth place of Gandhiji

12 Gandhiji went to London to get trained in this field

13 Wife of Gandhiji

14 Gandhiji went to school in this town


1 This title was conferred on Gandhiji

3 One of the favorite songs of Gandhiji

5 The Sanskrit term for non-violence

9 Gandhiji was fondly called by this name

10 Mother of Gandhiji

Compiled by
Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose, CA