Bhakta Mira Bai – The Queen who loved Giridhari 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

1. In which century was Mira Bai born?
a. 15th century
b. 16th century
c. 17th century

2. Mira Bai was known to be a _____________ queen.
a. Rajput
b. Pandya
c. Hoysala

3. Name the birth state of Mira Bai.
a. Gujarat
b. Maharashtra
c. Rajasthan

4. Who was Mira Bai’s maternal grand-father?
a. Rana Kumbhaji
b. Dhootarao
c. Jagannath Misra

5. Mira Bai was an ardent devotee of Krishna and has composed hundreds of bhajans on
Lord Krishna. What was the insignia (mudra) in all her bhajans?
a. ‘Meera ke Prabhu Giridhara Nagara’
b. ‘Meera ke Prabhu Gopala Laal’
c. ‘Meera ke Prabhu Govinda Laal’

6. What was the name of Lord Krishna who was worshipped by Mira Bai?
a. Madhava
b. Giridhari
c. Damodhara

7. What was the one and only purpose of her life?
a. Marry Rana Kumbhaji
b. Her steadfast devotion to Lord Krishna and that the devotion to grow more and more.
c. Take care of her maternal grandfather Dhootarao.

8. Name the Rajput King to whom Mira Bai got married.
a. Rana Kumbhaji
b. Rana Sanga
c. Durgadas Rathore

9. Rana Kumbhaji was the ruler of ___________.
a. Puri
b. Dwaraka
c. Chittore

10. Name the Sadhu who blessed Mira Bai with ‘Giridhari’.
a. Saint Raidas
b. Saint Surdas
c. Saint Gopaldas

11. Who was the great king who came to visit Mira Bai?
a. King Krishnadevaraya
b. King Raja Raja Chola
c. King Akbar.

12. Why did Akbar want to meet Mira Bai?
a. He once listened to a Mira Bai composition from his great musician Tansen. He
himself was a connoisseur of music and wanted to meet Mira Bai.
b. He wanted to invite her to his court
c. He wanted to learn music from her

13. Name the place where Mira Bai ran to, as soon as she got herself freed from Rana Kumbhaji.
a. Puri
b. Udupi
c. Brindavan

14. Lord Krishna called Mira Bai towards the end of her life and she laid her life at his Holy Feet and merged with him. Name the place where Mira Bai merged with Lord Krishna.
a. Srirangam
b. Puri
c. Dwaraka

Answers: 1-b, 2-a, 3-c, 4-b, 5-a, 6-b, 7-b, 8-a, 9-c, 10-a, 11-c, 12-a, 13-c,14-c

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose, CA

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