On the auspicious Ashada month, let’s enjoy a quiz on the women saints of Pandharpur.

1. Janabai was a great devotee of Lord Panduranga. Who came to help her with the household chores?
a. Her friend, Meera
b. Her neighbor, Sharada Bai
c. Lord Panduranga

2. Janabai was a foster daughter of _____________.
a. Sant Tukkaram
b. Sant Namadev
c. Sant Jnaneshwar

3. One day Janabai was making cow dung cakes and chanting the names of Lord Vittala. The neighbor came to Janabai’s house.The neighbor saw Jana’s cow dung cakes and told Jana it was her cakes. What did Janabai say to prove that the cow dung cakes belonged to her?
a. She told her neighbor not to lie about the cow dung cakes.
b. She told her that Lord Panduranga helped when she was making the cow dung cakes.
c. She told her neighbor that since she chanted the divine names of Vittala, the cow dung
cakes would chant ‘Vittal’ when she dropped them on the ground.

4. Muktabai was another great devotee of Lord Panduranga. Muktabai was ____________ younger sister.
a. Sant Jnaneshwar
b. Sant Tukkaram
c. Sant Namadev

5. What happened on the day when everyone went to Gorakumbhar’s house for a Satsang?
a. Muktabai took a stick and placed it on everyone’s head to see if they were
baked or not akin to how a potter would test if the pots are baked or not.
b. Gorakumbar arranged for a grand feast and everyone ate sumptuously and fell asleep.
c. The divine wedding between Lord Panduranga and Rakhumai took place
at Gorakumbhar’s house and many thronged to witness the divine wedding.

6. Kanhopatra was another devotee of Lord Panduranga who was a dancer by profession. Name the king who invited her to perform in his court.
a. King of Mithila
b. King of Badar
c. King of Rajasthan

7. Where did Kanhopatra request the guards to halt en route to the King’s palace?
a. River Yamuna
b. Pandharpur to have the darshan of Lord Panduranga
c. Mithila

8. What happened when Kanhopatra had the darshan of Lord Panduranga?
a. She fainted and fell down
b. Lord Panduranga spoke to her in a divine voice [ashariri]
c. Her spirit rose from her body and merged with the lord

9. What happened in the place where Kanhopatra was buried?
a. Sandalwood scent filled the air in and around the place where she was buried
b. One can hear the chanting of the divine names of the lord
c. A tree sprouted in the place where Kanhopatra was buried.

10. Sakkubhai was another great devotee of Lord Panduranga. Name the birthplace of Bhakta Sakkubhai
a. Dehu Road
b. Sinchirunipuram
c. Paithan

11. Who were the parents of Bhaka Sakkubhai?
a. Ganghadar Rao and Kamala Bhai
b. Linganna Mantri and Kamamba
c. Jagannath Mishra and Sachi Devi

12. Komabai was an old woman who was an ardent devotee of Lord Panduranga. What was
her only wish in her life?
a. To visit all the holy kshetras
b. To visit all the temples in North India
c. To have the darshan of Lord Panduranga

13. Komabai was living on the other side of the Chandrabhaga river. She was very poor and did not have money to pay the boatman to help her get to the other side of Chandrabhaga river to have the darshan of Lord Panduranga. How was her wish fulfilled?
a. She earned the money needed to pay the boatman
b. Lord Panduranga himself came in the guise of a boatman to take her to the other
side of Chandrabhaga river
c. She bought a boat on her own to help her cross the Chandrabhaga river

1-c,2-b,3-c,4-a,5-a,6-b,7-b,8-c,9-c,10-b,11-a, 12-c, 13-b

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose, CA
Illustration by Lalitha Venkatraman, Richmond VA


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