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Can we see God?

Sri Swamiji, in a recent discourse, beautifully explained what it means to see God, how Mahatmas saw God, and clearly delineated the pre-requisites, steps and process by which even we can see God. Read the below excerpt from his discourse for clarity about the answer to this million-dollar question that has intrigued humanity through the ages.


A Worry-Free Life!

Govindanukku Aatpatta Kudumbamamma 9

Image source: MadhuraMurali magazine

Based on Sri Swamiji’s Madhurageetham, “Govindanukku Aatpatta Kudumbamamma Engal Kudumbam”, this series of articles speaks beautifully of how the family members of our satsang lead/need to lead their lives.

After singing about the peaceful lives of families who live without being greedy and without falling into attachment, like a lotus leaf in water, now shall we see the lines that sing about the mental strength given by satsang and Guru krupa?

Click here to read the ninth article in this series…

North America-wide Sri Swamiji Jayanthi Celebration with Sri Ramanujamji

Poorthi Satsang of GOD North America’s 60-Day Celebration of Sri Swamiji’s 60th Thirunakshatram

By the divine grace of Sri Swamiji, GOD USA and GOD Canada celebrated Sri Swamiji’s 60th Thirunakshatra with 60 days of daily satsangs from Sep 9 to Nov 8.
The celebrations culminated with a grand nationwide poorthi satsang with over 400 devotees in the presence of Sri Ramanujamji.



Answers and Beyond

In this series of “Answers and Beyond”, we shall read, understand and enjoy Sri Swamiji’s lucid answers to some thought-provoking questions posed by various devotees. 

We call many Mahatmas as ‘avatara purushas’. Despite the advent of so many of them, why does the world remain the same?
Read answers to this and other questions posed to Sri Swamiji.



Indian Women Saints – Sant Meera Bai

Quiz is based on women saints of India. 

How much do you know about Bhakta Meera?

Click here to take the quiz.

News of the Month ( Oct – Nov 2021)

GOD North America celebrates Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji’s 60th Thirunakshatra online for 60 days!

Regional celebrations of His Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji’s 60th Thirunakshatram

Special Satsangs in Virginia Namadwaar, VA

GOD Tampa Chapter Celebrates Gopashtami!

Thanksgiving Satsang in Jacksonville, FL

Thanksgiving Satsang at Namadwaar Dallas, TX

Tulasi Kalyanam in Houston Namadwaar

Gopashtami Celebrations in Bay Area, November 2021

Atlanta Namadwaar’s 4th Year Anniversary

Gopashtami and Karthikai Deepam Celebrations in Atlanta Namadwaar, GA


Other News:

Worldwide Kids and Youth Nama Series in November 2021


Upcoming Events:

Rise of Margazhi Utsav 2021







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