Nama Dwaar Newsletter – September 2021

How to Remove the Tendency to Sin?

Atonement (prAyaschita) may remove the effects of committing a sin, but it does not remove the tendency to sin. How then can the tendency itself be removed? Listen to the simple secret that Sri Shuka lets King Parikshith into.

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The Unfathomable Color Blue

Blue is the king among all colors. It is appealing to people, intriguing to researchers, and divine to the spiritually minded. And it is also amazing how the world’s most popular color is, in nature, both the most ubiquitous as well as the rarest to occur.

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Govinda’s family – Govindanukku Aatpatta Kudumbamamma 7

Image source: MadhuraMurali magazine

This series was originally published in Tamil MadhuraMurali monthly magazine in India as a 12-part series. Based on Sri Swamiji’s Madhurageetham, “Govindanukku Aatpatta Kudumbamamma Engal Kudumbam”, it speaks beautifully of how the family members of our satsang lead/need to lead their lives.

“piLLaikuTTiyuDan vAzhndhiDuvom… We will live with our children and bring them up in the flawless Bhagavata Dharma,” sings Sri Swamiji.

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North America-wide Ongoing 60-Day Deepavali celebration via zoom

By the divine grace of Sri Swamiji, GOD USA and GOD Canada are celebrating Deepavali Mahotsavam with 60 days of daily satsangs from Sep 9 to Nov 8.

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Global Puranava Online Quiz Contest 2021-22

Calling All Quiz & India Enthusiasts to participate in the PURANAVA Virtual Quiz, an international, online, Indian Heritage quiz

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Madhurageetham Quelish – Questions to Relish Sri Madhurageethams

Adhenna pazhama – Part 2

We are relishing, little by little, the rasa in Sri Madhurageethams, compositions of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, in the form of ‘questions to relish’, which we call as a ‘quelish’, as shared by his disciple Sri Ramanujamji.

This month, read more about the ‘dhwani’ or implied meaning in the lovely madhurageetham, Adhenna Pazhama!

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Answers and Beyond

In this series of “Answers and Beyond”, we shall read, understand and enjoy Sri Swamiji’s lucid answers to some thought-provoking questions posed by various devotees. 

What is the state of those who cannot do complete surrender?

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Indian Women Saints – Sri Vishnupriya

Quiz is based on women saints from India. 

How much do you know about Sri Vishnupriya, the divine consort of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu?

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News of the Month ( Aug – Sept 2021)

North America-wide Ongoing 60-Day Deepavali Celebration via. zoom

Sri Radhashtami Celebrations in various states across US

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations in various states across US – updated with Seattle Namadwaar, Houston Namadwaar and Minneapolis GOD Chapter

Other News:

Puratasi Saturday with Gajendra Stuti parayana at Sri Mahalakshmi Temple, Boston MA

Interactive Trekking session by Gopakuteeram Boston

Back to School Prayer by Virginia Namadwaar

Radha Kalyanam in Atlanta Namadwaar

Upcoming Events:

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