A report on Michigan satsang programs

By the immense grace of our Sri Swamiji, the Michigan GOD chapter conducted a series of satsangs with Sri Poornimaji from April 6th till April 8th 2012 in Holland, Michigan.

The first day program commenced in the morning with Gopakuteeram’s Anniversary celebrations at Holland Herrick District Public library auditorium. The kids rendered slokas and bhajans that they learnt during the Gopa Kuteeram sessions in the past one year. The kids then beautifully enacted a skit on Krishnadas, beautifully depicting the power of honesty. Following this, Sri Poornimaji conducted an interactive session where she lucidly conveyed the importance of inculcating spiritual and cultural values in children at a young age by citing examples on how to strengthen the child’s mind and give the most-required mental stability and balance throughout the child’s future. She underlined the importance of Mahamantra. The Gopakuteeram parents also shared their experiences about how Gopakuteeram program has brought a transformation in kids. The kids were rewarded with a medal and certificate for their regular participation in Gopakuteeram sessions. In the evening, satsang was held at a residence in Zeeland. The satsang began with Mahamantra and rendition of Sri Swamiji’s kirtans followed by an inspiring speech by Sri Poornimaji on the “Power of Nama Kirtan”. She narrated the story of Jana Bhai and she elucidated the greatness of Mahamantra by explaining the meaning of the “Kaliyayum Bali Kollum” kirtan composed by Sri Swamiji.

The second day program began with Akanda Nama Sankirtan followed by Sri Swamiji’s kirtans and concluded with Sri Poornimaji’s impactful discourse on the greatness of Bhagavatha Dharma. She elaborated on the simplicity of this path and how it cleanses everyone from within. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the discourse and listened with rapt attention and imbibed the precepts.

On the final day, the satsang program was held at the West Michigan Hindu temple. The program started with Gopakuteeram kids’ performance and followed by Poornimaji’s lecture on “Essence of devotion”. She expounded at length on the path of Bhakti in clear simple language and the message was very well received by the audience.

Poornimaji’s much awaited satsangs in Michigan concluded with chanting of Mahamantra.

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