Janmashtami Celebration in Boston, MA

Sept 3: Boston GOD Satsang celebrated the Janmashtami at Padhuka Dham the residence of Sri Narayanan and Smt Rekha. After a 30 min of Mahamantra chanting, all the children present were given a chance to do Thirumanjanam to Nandalala and Kunju Krishna. After the thirumanjanam, when Krishna was getting dressed up for the other events, the Bhagavathas began the parayana of 10th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. Amidst the parayana, the kids did archana to the Lordship.

 All the devotees gathered there, joined the Sloka that narrated the birth of Lord Sri Krishna. Parayana continued until 4th chapter that narrated the Nandotsavam.

This was followed by a wonderful explanation of the origin of Srimad Bhagavatam, its lineage of how it was passed on etc by Sri MohanaKrishnan. He went on to highlight the crux of each canto of Srimad Bhagavatam – concluding with the vivid story on Sri Krishna’s birth.

Following this, was Nandotsavam. Admist the rendering of Sri Sri Swamiji’s Madhuragitam, Vasudeva carried Little Krishna from Mathura to Gokulam left Him in a cradle at Nanda-baba’s home and returned to Mathura. This was followed by Danidya (Kolattam) around baby Krishna in the cradle.

The Satsang concluded with Little Krishna happily partaking all the snacks prepared for him that day. As the devotees sang Kaliyayum bali kollum … Harathi was taken for Little Krishna and the Satsang ended with worshiping Lord Hanuman. Janmashtami Satsang is not complete without uriyadi. The kids enjoyed cracking mud pots to get the goodies from them!

On September 22nd, Boston GOD Satsang is going to celebrate Janmashtami with nearly 100 people with Krishna Carnival with games, Uriyadi etc. at Hopkinton, MA.


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