Janmashtami Celebration in Orlando, FL

By apaara mahima of Sri Guru Maharaj and blessings of our Premika Varadan Thakurji, Orlando GOD celebrated Janmashtami on September 3 at the residence of Nagarajan ji/Ranjini ji. The program started with Mahamantra chanting for about an hour followed with Srimad Bhagavatam Dasama Skandam parayanam, where Mythili ji lead the parayanam and other devotees followed. Then Nandotsavam was celebrated in a unique way where three families took their beloved little Krishna in basket. Kids made Adi Sesha’s poster for the Nandotsavam.

Then both kids and families offered abhishekam to little Krishna. Several Madhurageetams and Namavalis were sung during the abhishekam.  After the abhishekam, all the devotees proceeded to another larger room to perform Kolatam around our beloved Krishna. First, the kids participated followed by women and men. Everyone danced around Bhagwan to the tune of several Madhuragetams, and this was truly a great sight to watch!  The final program event included cake cutting for our little Krishna, followed by mahaprasad.


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