Special Satsang on Gopashtami by Orlando GOD Satsang, FL

By the krupa of Satgurunath and blessings of Madhura Sakhi sameta Premika Varadan, Orlando GOD Satsang celebrated special satsang and Gopashtami on November 19th, 2023. The special satsang started with Akanda Nama sung in different tunes especially by small kids. The event was conducted at the residence of Himanshu ji and Latha ji. Beautiful Nama chanting was interspersed with talks by Sri G’s volunteers on “Nama Mahima”. After akanda Nama, Madurageetams and bhajans were sung on Govardhan Giridhari. Both adults and kids were blessed to participate in this blissful event. We continue to pray unto the lotus feet of Guru Maharaj and Premika Varadan/Madhuri Sakhi to bless us with more and more satsangs, utsavs and Guru seva in the near future.

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