Radha Kalyanam in Orlando FL

By the apara mahima of the ever compassionate Guru Maharaj and the boundless mercy of Madhuri Sakhi Sameda Premika Varadan, Orlando GOD Satsang was blessed with auspicious Radha Kalyanam. The event was held on June 4th, 2022 at the residence of Prajakta ji/Anand ji in Sanford, from 9AM to 2PM.

The event that started with Nama and Thodaya Mangalam included several samparadaya bhajans, Astapadis, Namavalis, Choornika, Pravaram, Lagnashtakam and culminating with Abhangs. The entire ceremony proceeded blissfully and joyously in the presence of Guruji’s holy Padukas!

Several GOD Satsang and Gopakuteram families actively participated in several activities such as prasadam preparations, decorations, singing sampradaya bhajans & Madhurageetams, playing traditional instruments, making garlands, participating in kalyanam procedures and other activities.

The event filled the premises with great vibe and utmost joy! In the evening, the divine couple was decorated with a beautiful backdrop and Nikunjotsav was celebrated. Kids offered several Madhurageetams and bhajans. Approximately 55 devotees attended the event during the day, and by Guru Maharaj’s grace, several kids actively participated in the event.


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