Special Satsangs in Orlando, Florida

By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji and the divine couple Sri Madhuri Sakhi Premika Varadan, Orlando had special satsangs and Akandanama in the divine presence of Sri Jagannath Parivaar in the month of November. Satsangs were held at the residences of Uma ji, Kumar ji and Lakshmi ji, Vignesh ji on November-22 and 24th respectively. Akandanama was conducted at the residence of Lalitha ji, Tirupathi ji on Nov-23rd. Devotees offered Nama, Madhurageetams, Namavalis and performances on Veena to Bhagawan.

All the events were blissful and filled the air with the divine Nama! Orlando GOD Chapter pray to Sri Swamiji and Thakurji to bless them with more satsangs and Utsavs soon.

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