Sri Rama Navami Celebrations in Houston Namadwaar

Sri Rama Navami and Ugadi New Year was celebrated at Houston Namadwaar on Saturday April 6. Sundara Kandam parayanam was performed earlier during the day. In the evening, Sri Rama Jananam chapters from Sri Valmiki Ramayanam were read and Sri Ramaswamyji explained the meaning and spoke about the wonderful Rama avatara. Gopa Kuteeram student Kritika Dwarakanath then gave a lovely, enthusiastic hari katha on the life of Sri Purandaradasa. Following this all the devotees together chanted the Mahamantra 108 times with prayers. It was an auspicious day indeed.

Special Prayer with Mahamantra for those affected by bombings in Sri Lanka
A special prayer was performed at Namadwaar for those affected by the heartless bombings in Sri Lanka. Candles were lit for those who lost their lives, and the Mahamantra was chanted with prayers for solace to the grieving families and country, and for peace to prevail in the world.

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