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“I Am Awed!” Hindu Youth Q & A Series

Did our religion once exist all over the world?

A series of “Little Questions and Lucid Answers” sessions were conducted to explore the greatness and depth of Hinduism through questions posed by global Hindu Youth to Sri Ramanujamji.

The excerpts of each of these questions and answers will be presented every month by our youth.

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Did our religion once exist all over the world?

Yes! Sanatana Dharma was once the religion and way of life all over the world. Let us now see how our traditions were once followed all over the world and some customs being practiced even now can be traced back to ancient times. 

  • Australia: There is a dance called the “Shiva Dance” done by the native Australian aborigine tribes in the month of December
  • Thailand: During the wintertime (Dec-Jan) there is a cultural festival where they swing an empty swing and is known as Trippavai-Trivempai (Tiruppavai-Tiruvenbavai) festival – cultural impact remains but deities are gone. The airport also has a statue depicting Amrutha Mathanam.
  • Cambodia: There is a giant temple complex (Angkor Wat) which initially had Lord Vishnu then later Buddha. Now there is no standing deity and it has been converted into a museum. When looking back on older times data has shown that certain areas in Vietnam and Cambodia had Sanskrit as an official language.
  • China and Japan: Patanjali Rishi extolled the significance of yoga and dhyana which was taken by the saint Bodhidharma to China, became known as chaan there. This later spread to Japan where it came to be known as Zen.
  • Persia: In the faith of Zoroastrianism they have fire rituals, similar to Agni Homam done in Sanatana Dharma. Many of their deities have similarities to our Vedic mantras and deities as well. 
  • There have been texts signifying an incident in which 2000 years ago King Ramses (from the Egyptian civilization) made friends with another king, promising in front of fire in the name/witness of Mitra and Varuna (who are deities of Sanatana Dharma).
  • Indonesia: Their national airline is called Garuda Airlines, likewise many first names of the individuals there are from Ramayana and Mahabharata as they believe it represents their culture. Jambavati is also famous there.
  • Bali: 90% practice Hinduism, Balinese temples depict the Amrutha Mathanam principle.
  • Native American: They have a deity named Kokopelli who has many similarities to Lord Krishna.
  • Latin America
    • Mayan Empire – “Maya” – God’s power
    • Aztec Empire – “Asthikam” – belief in divinity

These are just a few examples in which we can clearly see and trace the roots of Sanatana Dharma in these cultures today and in the past. Our religion and way of life was so widespread and it is truly something to be proud of.

Kishori Prakash, 17 years, Frisco, TX
Excerpts from Sri Ramanujamji’s “Little Questions and Lucid Answers” Q and A series.


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