QUIZ TIME: Sri Madhurageethams on Lord Narasimha

In this quiz, we shall experience the glory of Lord Narsimha from the nectarine verses in the divine Sri Madhurageethams of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji.


1.In which Sri Madhurageetham does Sri Swamiji refer Lord Narasimha as an embodiment of the Vedas? Also mention the verse from Sri Madhurageetham.
a. deyvam kANIrE parikkallil
b. narasimha pAlaya mAm-sadA
c. shrI naraimhO Avirbhavathi

2.In this Sri Madhurageetham, ‘narasimha pAlaya mAm-sadA’, Sri Swamiji mentions that the Lord Narasimha captivates the heart of the ____________________.
a. Devas
b. Sages
c. Devotees

3. In this Sri Madhurageetham, ‘narasimha pAlaya mAm-sadA’, Sri Swamiji mentions the favorite drink of Lord Narasimha.
a. Panagam
b. Neer Mor
c. Payasam

4. Name the Divyadesam referred in this Sri Madhurageetham, ‘deyvam kANIrE’
a. Parikkal
b. Ahobilam
c. Sholingur

5. Sri Swamiji refers to Lord Narasimha as ________________, and offer his salutations to him in this Sri Madhurageetham, ‘narasihma pAlaya mAm’.
a. sthOtrapriya
b. Bahujanapriya
c. AdidEva

6. Lord Narasimha referred by Sri Swamiji in ‘vIrasihma dhIra sihma’ is located in __________.
a. Mattapalli
b. Thiruverkadu
c. Srirangam

7. Sri Swamiji refers to Lord Narasimha as his _________________ in this kirtan ‘vIrasihma dhIra sihma’.
a. Guru
b. Friend
c. Disciple

8. Name the Sri Madhurageetham that contains this verse-’rOga nivritthaka paramapavitra’.
a. sthambhE drishyathE shrInarasimhO
b. Simham thOnDrinAn narasimham thOnDrinAn
c. vIrasimha dhIra simha

9. In this Sri Madhurageetham,’shrI narasihmO Avirbhavathi’, the following verse ‘arjunAya datthavAkparipAlanAya’ relates to the promise that Lord Krishna made to Arjuna. What was the promise that was honored by Lord Narasimha in this context?
a. No devotee of the Lord is ever forsaken
b. Detachment from worldly things is key for inner peace
c. Truth can never be destroyed

10. Whom does Sri Swamiji refer to ‘vidhinA’ in this Sri Madhurageetham, ‘shrI narasihmO
a. Brahma
b. Siva
c. Devas

Answers: 1-b and Verse is [vEdasamAna svarUpa], 2-b, 3-a, 4-a, 5-c, 6-a, 7-b, 8-c, 9-a, 10-a.

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose, CA


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