Nama Dwaar Newsletter – May 2022

Relishing the Venkatesha Vaibhavam Series – The Most Compassionate Avatar!

Celebrating the arrival of Sri Aishwarya Srinivasa Perumal in Houston, Sri Ramanujam ji, disciple of Sri Swamiji, is taking us on a journey to His divine abode by reminiscing the greatness of Lord Srinivasa and Venkatachalam, based on the divine work – ‘Divyadesa Vaibhavam’ by Paranur Mahatma Sri Sri Krishnapremi Maharaj. We shall enjoy a few divine droplets from the first  episode of this series.

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Janaki Jayanthi

Sita Navami or Janaki Jayanthi, as is popularly known in Northern parts of Bharat, is celebrated in Vaikasa month, Shukla paksha Navami. This year, it fell on May 10.

Commemorating this auspicious occasion, let us remember the matchless Sita Mata, through a kirtan of Sri Swamiji and the divine experience of a Mahatma.

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Answers and Beyond #12

Sri Swamiji’s Answers to Questions Asked by Devotees

Sri Swamiji answers questions posed by devotees about Santana Dharma. Questions related to avatars(incarnations), dreams, siddhis are being answered this month.

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Madhurageetham Quelish – Questions to Relish Sri Madhurageethams

A Beautiful Indirect Comparison

We are relishing, little by little, the rasa in Sri Madhurageethams, compositions of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, in the form of ‘questions to relish’, which we call as a ‘quelish’, as shared by his disciple Sri Ramanujamji.

Our ‘question to relish’ (quelish) this month –  In which song has our Sri Swamiji indirectly compared the heart of our Bhagavan Krishna to a beautiful flower?  



Sri Madhurageethams on Lord Narasimha

New quiz series on Sri Madhurageethams of Sri Swamiji.

This month: Sri Madhurageethams related to Lord Narasimha.

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News of the Month ( April – May 2022)

Sri Rama Navami and Hanuman Jayanthi Celebration by GOD Orlando Chapter, FL

Sri Narasimha Jayanthi celebration by GOD Orlando Chapter

Gopa Kuteeram Annual Day and Narasimha Jayanthi at Namadwaar, Houston Tx

Gopakuteeram Annual Day by Children at Namadwaar, Virginia

Special Satsangs at Namadwaar, Virginia

Akshaya Tritiya, Sri Ramanuja jayanthi and Sri Shakara Jayanthi at Namadwaar, Virginia

Special Home Satsangs by Namadwaar, Atlanta

Sri Narasimha Jayanthi Celebration at Namadwaar Seattle

Nama Biksha sessions in Dallas, Tx


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