From the Guru, with Love – Sri Swamiji’s Daily Discourses on Facebook

From the Guru, with love – Sri Swamiji’s Daily Discourses on Facebook

A Guru is never fair. Thankfully. If he was, then what hope do we undeserving children have? Do any of us truly deserve a fair share of the love, affection, grace that our Guru is pouring on us? Yet thankfully, our Guru does not act in a fair manner. And showers his immense compassion on all of us, no matter our state or eligibility.

In the last few weeks, we have all experienced this immense compassion of our Guru Maharaj. In a truly historical event, Sri Swamiji himself poured out his heart to all of us daily for almost a month in the form of his nectarine words, in the presence of North America Sri Aishwarya Srinivasa Perumal.

Vak (speech) is the connection between Guru and sishya. And during this current time, with the Covid war raging all over the world, and dismal news striking us from all quarters on a daily basis, this divine connection with the Guru was even more vital. For – as Mahans say, as shastras show, and as we clearly know – shanti or peace can be had only at a Guru’s feet.

It is in such times that a Guru’s physical presence in our lives becomes our literal lifeline. And our dear Guru, out of his immense love for us all, gave us this connection with him every day, both by his physical presence as well as his sweet, soothing, inspiring words. He poured his compassion out through his words – not just for those who are fortunate to be physically present with him and not even only for those who are his devotees – but for every single person in every nook and corner of the world, through his daily discourses via Facebook.

Sri Swamiji’s discourses are truly unique. His Ramayanam series too is like none other’s. Only Sri Swamiji can render such a nectarine, profound, inspiring, and totally enjoyable shower of Ramayanam. It is filled with his unique trademark of sharing incidents from the lives of so many different saints from all corners of India – Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sri Mahaperiyava, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati Swamiji, Panduranga bhaktas, Sant Meera Bai, Sant Tulsidasji, Sant Kabirdas, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Azhwars, Nayanmars, Sri Bhagavan Nama Bodhendra Swami, Swami Papa Ramdas, Sri Adi Shankara, Sri Ramanujacharya, Sri Raghavendra and so many many others. He quotes not only from the Ramayanam, Bhagavatam, Mahabharata, Vedas, Upanishads and other scriptures, but also from the works of numerous Mahatmas including Divyaprabandham, Thevaram, Tirukkural, Kamba Ramayanam, Ramcharitmanas, Tiruppugazh, Krishna Karnamrutham, Sri Ramana Maharshi’s works, Kumaraguruparar’s works, Thyagaraja Swami’s krithis, abhangs and kirtans of numerous saints, and much much more. On top of all this, the details he gives about so many kshetras, the way he lauds the greatness of Bharata Mata and Sanatana Dharma, the eye-opening insights he gives about stories in the Puranas, his interesting tidbits about even mundane terms, his explanations of many practices and traditions followed in our religion, and the love with which he extols the qualities of Bhagavan and bhagavatas… all of these serve to indeed raise our minds above the misery of the world and inspire us to steer our lives towards Bhagavan.

Through the first Bhagavatam series (Apr 10-16) and the second Bala Kaandam series of Srimad Ramayana Katha (Apr 17-May 7), he spoke directly to us. These videos are all still available on the Global Organisation for Divinity Facebook page. All we need to do is listen again and again to his words, and keep our bottomless vessels (aka our ears) the right side up (with attention) to receive that outpouring of grace.

Please Note:

  1. Many lectures already have English subtitles to enable viewers who do not understand Tamil to also imbibe Guru Maharaj’s words. Subtitles are in the process of being added for all the videos.
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