Kid’s Story – Ajamila Charitram

Once there lived a Brahmin named Ajamila. He was a good person who read many scriptures and good values taught by his pious parents. His parents did many poojas and the family was very well devoted. Every day Ajamila went out to the forest to pick fresh flowers for the pooja.

One day when Ajamila went to pick flowers he saw a tribal girl and wanted to marry her. Ajamila was already married but he forgot all about his parents and family and started living in the forest. He started committing lots of sins and bad deeds.

Soon , Ajamila and his tribal wife had 10 children, and he was very fond of his last son who was named as ‘Narayana’. He played, talked and spent most of his time with his 10th child.

Years passed by, Ajamila became old and his health started to worsen. He kept repeatedly calling his son ‘Narayana’ for everything. But his son would never bother and he would keep playing with his friends.  Ajamila was nearing death and started realizing his sins. It was time for the god of death, Yama to send his duthas(messengers) to bring Ajamila to Yamaloka. But at the same time Vishnu parshadas were also there. There was big fight , of who would take Ajamila with them. But the Yama duthas were confused why Ajamila would be taken to Vaikunta, as he has committed many sins.

Finally ,the Vishnu parshadas told that Ajamila’s sins has been washed away as he has called out the name ‘NARAYANA’ , lord of the Universe when he was in the last stage of his life. Chanting the names of Lord Vishnu knowingly or unknowingly, either playfully or consciously,  the Lord will take care of those who call out his names.

Doing good deeds is always best, but when a person does bad deeds it is very hard to become good again. But Bhagavan Nama will always show the right path!

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare !!

Story and illustrations by Dhiya Ganeshprasad, Age 10 Mississauga, Canada

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