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The divine soil of Bharat has been fertile with innumerable saints from time immemorial. Such rare gems have been born all over Bharat. Many of them sang the glories of the Lord and were a living embodiment of Bhakti. The remarkable aspect of this is that although many of these saints were born in different centuries, their sayings have been consistent. Their only preaching to mankind is to chant the Names of the Lord.
In this Bharata Pradakshina series, we periodically see briefly how every Indian state has been graced by ‘bhakta’ saints who glorified the easiest and the most effective path of chanting the Lord’s Names.

The Queen Who Loved Giridhari

Whenever a bhakta remembers the compassion of Lord Sri Krishna, immediately his mind is reminded of the great saints who lived every second of their lives thinking only about the Lord. Even among the great saints, only a few had the honor of merging with the Lord once their sojourn in this world ended. One of those rare gems is Meera Bai. Born in a royal family in the princely state of Rajasthan, from a young age she dedicated her life to the king of all kings, Lord Sri Krishna.

Mira Bai

Mira Bai from Rajasthan

Throughout her life, Meera faced innumerable trials and tribulations—she was married against her will, she lost her understanding husband, she was derided for her love and devotion to Lord Krishna, there were even attempts made to kill her—but  she always held on the lotus feet of Govardhana Giridhari for strength and support, and He never failed her. Her devotion materialized into beautiful, moving compositions that still continue captivate the hearts of all who listen to them. Through these kirtans, we get to see the true yearning of Meera Bai where she implores everyone to chant the Names of the Lord to get all His blessings here and hereafter.

Mira Bai's composition

O mind, sing the name of Govinda, sing the name of Govinda
Sing the names of Rama and Krishna with love

This human birth is extremely difficult to obtain,
So be eager to take the boat to cross over the ocean of repeated births.

Hearing the stories of the Lord purifies your heart
Satsang, like Mother Ganga, flows with love and purifies you

O Brother, Meera says, we are all children of Hari
Always think only of Lord Hari’s holy feet.

Aravind Thathachari, Orlando, FL

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