Cherished Memoirs 44 – Mahamantra in Every Home

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This series chronicles interesting experiences recounted by the devotees of His Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. These articles are  translations from the series, “Madhuramaana Mahaneeyar” published every month in Madhuramurali monthly magazine. The original article was written by Dr. Bhagyanathanji, Personal Secretary of Sri Swamiji.

Mahamantra in Every Home!

About 20 years ago, Sri Swamiji, at the ashram, once spoke with deep emotion about the glory of Namakirtan, the power of the will (sankalpa) of great Mahans who have incarnated in order to establish the path of Bhakti, and other such matters. At that time, Sri Swamiji asked with a smile, “Do you know what our Premika Varadan’s will is? It is that the Lord’s Name should very soon echo all over the world. Even as we enter the next century I desire to chant the Mahamantra in each and every home in Tamil Nadu and thus help all reap its benefit. The Lord’s Name should reach every home.”

While all of us who heard him felt stunned, there was one from amongst us who began to quickly calculate the number of years left to enter the next century and wondered aloud how it was possible to reach the Mahamantra in every home by the turn of the century which was only a few years away! Our intelligence is limited. To gauge its success with limited understanding would only raise doubts. But is not will of the Lord and Guru beyond everything? From the life history of several Mahans we learn that their work for the welfare of the world, for which they come, is somehow carried out.

Once Sri Swamiji participated in a public program. The organizer of an important television channel was also present. That man who was devoted to God and had a good heart, prayed to Sri Swamiji, “Your wonderful words of grace should reach all through our TV channel. You must please oblige.” Sri Swamiji acceded to his request. That TV channel video-recorded Sri Swamiji’s words of grace and relayed it on their channel from the year 2000! In this, Sri Swamiji began his talk only with the chant of the Mahamantra, thrice. It was only after listening to this that we found the answer to the question that had been haunting us the past few years. It was really amazing. We felt very happy over the wonderful way in which Premika Varadan had fulfilled our Sri Swamiji’s desire to reach the Mahamantra to every home!

Sri Swamiji’s words of grace and the Mahamantra reached every home!

Excerpts from the original article by Dr. Bhagyanathanji
in Madhuramurali magazine Dec 2016 issue


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