Cherished Memoirs 57

This series chronicles interesting experiences recounted by the devotees of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. These articles are translations from the series, “Madhuramaana Mahaneeyar” that is published every month in Madhuramurali Tamil monthly magazine.  The original article was written by Dr. Bhagyanathanji, Personal Secretary of Sri Swamiji.

Genuine search for God leads one to the Holy Feet of a Sadguru – Part I

(Experiences that our Australia GOD Satsang devotee Karunamai (Annette Willaims) shared with us is being published here)

Scriptures and Mahans opine that testimony to one’s genuineness in his search for God is the Lord leading him to the holy feet of a Sadguru. Annette Williams of Australia, whom our Guru Maharaj calls as Karunamai, had been frequently visiting India in spiritual search. She has visited several holy places and Gurus, practiced sadhanas and built an ashram in Australia where she conducted satsangs. Yet there was something unfulfilled. In spite of her wide travel, wanderings, and sadhanas her mind remained unsatisfied.

As the spiritual thirst for attainment of God (which is verily the purpose of birth) grew day by day, in 2007 she was blessed with the opportunity to speak to our Guru Maharaj over the webcast during the satsang event that had been arranged for our Australian satsang members. Subsequently, in 2012 when Karunamai visited India she was blessed with the first darshan of Guru Maharaj in Premika Bhavanam. She could, very clearly, feel a great transformation and fulfilment by the very darshan of Guru Maharaj. She had not then realized that it was a great turning point in her life.

After her darshan of Guru Maharaj, Karunamai, as had been planned earlier, continued on her pilgrimage to Tiruvannamalai. Though she was involved in sadhana her mind was excited by the darshan of Guru Maharaj. ‘When will I have His darshan again’ was the uppermost thought in her. She contacted Guru Maharaj’s personal secretary Mr. Bhagyanathan and explained her state. She felt consoled by his reply that she could have Guru Maharaj’s darshan if she was able to make it to Chennai after a week. Her expression that it was the longest week in her life depicted her yearning and longing for Guru Maharaj’s darshan. At the end of that week which seemed to move slowly she reached Premika Bhavanam.

At that moment she could feel that the fruit of all her pilgrimages and spiritual search was Guru Maharaj’s darshan and the only place to reach was Guru Maharaj’s presence. She gave up all the sadhanas that she had been doing until then. She realized that its fruit had brought her to Guru Maharaj. From then onwards she began to chant the Hare Rama… Mahamantra that Guru Maharaj by himself initiated her into and frequently visited the ashram for his darshan. Though she returned to Australia after her visits she felt it a great fortune to do Mahamantra kirtan in Madhurapuri ashram. While referring to her days in the Ashram she would say ‘that is an experience beyond all time and place’.

Her mind, true to Guru Maharaj’s words that the Divine Name alone would suffice, began to get fixed in it and she began to experience inexplicable peace in the Satsang.

One evening, when Karunamai was in Australia Mr. Bhagyanathan called her from India. He said to her, “Guru Maharaj has asked me to give the following message – that he can see you wearing pure white dress and joyfully doing bhajan along with your satsang members. He has asked me to tell you that God will bless you.” All of them were wonderstruck with the way Guru Maharaj had detailed what was happening in their satang. Karunamai and satang devotees were surprised and happy. She felt proud and happy with the thought that she was in Guru Maharaj’s shadow.

Once, Karunamai was staying in our ashram and doing Mahamantra kirtan. At that very moment, in Australia, her pet dog snoopi was seriously ill and dying. As soon as she received this message from Australia Karunamai became restless. She loved snoopi deeply and as she had been told that snoopi was on the verge of death she desired to leave for Australia at once.

She said to Guru Maharaj, “I desire to be with snoopi who is on the verge of death. He has none but me. For me, too, there was none but him for the past several years. Shall I leave today itself?”

Guru Mahara said to her, “Not necessary. You may leave as planned earlier. Do not prepone your ticket.”

What a surprise! Nothing happened to snoopi till she returned to Australia. While leaving the ashram Karunamai tearfully prayed to Guru Maharaj “Please, you must bless snoopi.”

Guru Maharaj said, “Do not worry. As he has heard the Divine Name you chant he will attain the lotus feet of Sri Krishna.”

Karunamai felt elated and surprised. The thought ‘how can this be’ also rose up at the same time. Guru Maharaj who knows our thoughts said, “Certainly he will attain Sri Krishna’s feet.”

Karunamai thought ‘Guru Maharaj is being so compassionate to me. The only way to show my gratitude is to be faithful like that dog’. Guru Maharaj blessed her trip back to Australia.

14th May 2014 the holy day of Ekadasi! That morning Mr. Bhagyanathan called Karunamai and gave her the message of Guru Maharaj that he was thinking of her and snoopi. That very day snoopi’s health deteriorated gradually and even as Karunamai chanted the Mahamantra kirtan he attained the Lord’s holy feet by Guru’s grace. Just as Guru Maharaj had said, that jiva attained to Krishna’s holy feet on Ekadasi. How fortunate! With the thought ‘if Guru Maharaj had blessed that jiva who knew not the glory of the Mahamantra a good state on Ekadasi he will never forsake us who chant the Divine Name’ Karunamai felt overjoyed!

To be continued…


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