Cherished Memoirs 61 – Divine, Sweet Experiences of Sri Swamiji’s Devotees

This series chronicles sweet and amazing experiences recounted by the devotees of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji as well as certain divine experiences of Sri Swamiji himself. These articles are translations from the series “Madhuramaana Mahaneeyar” that is published every month in Madhuramurali Tamil monthly magazine, in India.

When Sri Swamiji sees a river, he immediately desires to take a dip in it. In this way, he has taken several holy dips in almost all the holy rivers in India. After the dip, Sri Swamiji would remain standing in the water or sit on the banks and meditate for hours together. At night, he enjoys lighting lamps and setting them afloat in the rivers.

Once when we accompanied him on a pilgrimage to Kasi, he asked us all to light several lamps. As per his instruction, we also lit several lamps and let it afloat in Ganges. The sight of the lamps floating away was a sight to behold!

Several devotees who come to have darshan of Sri Swamiji for the first time have said, “I have already seen him in my dream and he looks exactly like I saw him in my dream!” And when devotees invite him lovingly to their homes, in spite of his prior engagements, bound by their love, he would agree. But often times, he would be unable to go. During such instances, he would appear in their dream and reassure them.

Before Sri Swamiji took residence in the current place, he lived for a few months in the house of a devotee, Sri Komala. Once we were all assembled in the living room of her home and were performing bhajan with Sri Swamiji. At that time, suddenly, Komala and I saw a halo around Sri Swamiji’s head.

Recently one night, my daughter Vishnupriya saw Sri Swamiji in her dream, covered with vibhoothi (holy ash)with a rudraksha garland around his neck, blessing her. Next morning, after excitedly sharing the dream with me, she went upstairs to have Sri Swamiji’s darshan. On seeing Sri Swamiji, she stood astonished! The reason was that Sri Swamiji was, unusually, wearing holy ash and a rudraksha garland!

When we meditate in solitude, perform kirtan in front of Sri Swamiji’s picture or perform kirtan in front of the sanctum of Perumal (Sri Premika Srinivasan), sometimes we can catch a whiff of divine fragrance, and feel immense peace and a divine vibration coursing through our body. The divine presence of Sri Swamiji is the reason for these divine signs.

Sri Swamiji, in this year’s Brahmotsavam, recounted an incident that had happened several months ago. I am penning it here.

Once a pious devotee of Sri Swamiji, was unnecessary being troubled by his enemies. He was threatened that he would be physically beaten by them. That devotee confided his troubles to Sri Swamiji. Worried about physical harm to his devotee, Sri Swamiji prayed fervently to the Lord. That night, Sri Swamiji had a divine vision. In that vision, Sri Swamiji saw the devotee for whom he had prayed, sitting in the middle a golden halo with the words, “Om Nama Bhagavate Vasudevaya” as a shield around him.

Therefore the Lord never forsakes those who have faith and devotion towards Sri Swamiji!

Jayanthi Janakiraman
Tamil Madhuramurali magazine, Nov 1996 

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