Cherished Memoirs 76 – Guruji’s Cherished Qualities

Guruji’s Cherished Qualities (Part 1)

Sweet memories chronicled by Smt. Jayanthi Janakiraman

A mother would feel very happy as well as sad at the time of her daughter’s wedding. Happy that her child had got a suitable groom and that she was going to live happily in her new home. But sad that her child whom she loved and who enlivened her life with love and playfulness was now going to leave her and her home.

Similarly, I also think that the entire world should know our Guru Maharaj and numerous people should benefit from his company, be the beneficiaries of his mercy and experience the bliss that we experience. But at the same time, I also worry that if his company grows large then we might lose the close proximity that we have now.

When we first came to Sri Guruji, he had not established any organizations. The doors to his abode were always open. There would always be people coming and going and singing bhajans. The satsang back then was not as large as it is now. Only four or five families were with his satsang back then.

Now he is not able to be like he was earlier. Because now he has no rest at all. Besides the Muralidhara Swamigal Mission, Sandeepani Gurukula Trust, Brindavan Temple, Madhurapuri Ashram, Madhuramurali Magazine and all that, he is also involved in numerous activities such as the Utsav celebrations, the daily pooja, discourses, bhajan, ablutions, visitors, etc. By the time he goes to bed it is 12 or 1 am. But outwardly, he looks like he is well rested. He always has a peaceful countenance. This itself shows that he does everything without any attachment. He does not worry about anything. Whatever problem arises, and even if someone talks ill of him without understanding him, he would just move on saying that it is all common in this world and that there is nothing more to it.

Even though I understand intellectually and rationally that he is not able to be close with us like before only due to the fact that he is very busy with lots of work, still I feel like he has traveled too far. I cry so hard uncontrollably sometimes. He pacifies us so beautifully. Just to experience the way he pacifies us, we feel like getting mad!

His love is unrelenting. People find it hard to get back to normalcy after leaving his company, after staying with him for a couple of days and after getting acquainted with him. I have seen this for myself. That is how truthful his love is. We think that we should never be close with him, even if he calls us; because we think that separation affects more cruelly than togetherness. But then one forgets everything upon seeing him. 

I will talk about Sri Guruji’s resolve for truth. If he resolves that he wants to do something, it is beautiful to see the way he carries it out. It is amazing to see all the required assistance coming together. He always resolves to complete what HE set out to complete immediately; he never likes to postpone anything.

It is extraordinary as to how his will comes to fruition — from the smallest things to the largest issues. A devotee named Aaaraavamudhan is involved with Sri Guruji. He is a very long-standing devotee of Sri Guruji. His family was in an impoverished state, but is affluent now by Sri Guruji’s grace. About six or seven years ago, he took Sri Guruji to his home in Kumbakonam. His mother told Sri Guruji about their hardships. Sri Guruji too gave them solace. Aaraavamudhan’s mother cried and said that her tirumaangalyam was lost and that was not to be found even after searching everywhere for long. Sri Guruji left their home saying that it would be found and no need to worry. He would have not even gone far in the street. Aaaraavamudhan’s father came crying to him, and said with astonishment that the tirumaangalyam that had been missing for so many years, had been found just then, upon entry into the kitchen.

Sri Guruji was very fond of the deity of Sri Aaraavamudhan/Sri Sarangapaani Perumal whose temple in Kumbakonam. Sri Guruji gets immense joy by offering silk clothes for the Perumal and Thaayaar during the auspicious Panguni Uthiram day. So with the desire of having Sri Aaraavamudhan Perumal’s darshan, he used to go and stay in his devotee Aaraavamudhan’s home in Kumbakonam.

Suddenly, one afternoon around 2 pm, he said that he was going to do special tirumanjanam for the Oothukkaadu Sri Krishna (the famous Kaliya nardana Krishna whose temple was located in the nearby town of Oothukkadu). Aaraavamudhan’s father said that some other day might be better since the temple’s priest came only once in a while, so they needed to make arrangements ahead of time with prior notice to the priest.

(Will be continued in next month’s issue)

Original Tamil article published in Madhuramurali Magazine, Jan 1996 issue
Translated into English by Smt. Mangala Gowri Sridhar, Jacksonville FL

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