Cherished Memoirs: The One of Ultimate Character

This series chronicles sweet experiences recounted by the devotees of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji as well as some divine experiences of Sri Swamiji himself.

The One of Ultimate Character

Arrangements were made for a satsang by Sri Swamiji in a town once. Since Sri Swamiji was to visit that place after a long time, a lot of devotees there were waiting excitedly for his arrival. The first satsang was arranged at a famous Subramania Swamy temple auditorium there. It would not be exaggerating to say that the entire place was inundated with people. Devotees had thronged there so much so that there was no place to even stand.

It was just a downpour on Nama Mahima by Sri Swamiji. At the end of the discourse, Sri Swamiji sang along the Mahamanthra with everyone.

The crowd of devotees did not disperse even after Sri Swamiji’s satsang was over. Everyone was conveying their respective prayers to Sri Swamiji. They were coming in a line to thank Sri Swamiji for gracing their town. Sri Swamiji was also patiently meeting and talking to each one of them. It took several hours for this satsang to be over.

Several devotees continuously requested Sri Swamiji to visit their homes, with lots of love. Sri Swamiji said, “We can visit every single one of their homes!” and asked them to give their name and address details to a volunteer. It took several minutes to get this list done. Evening turned into night! Sri Swamiji sought the help from someone who was familiar with that town, to order the details on the list, one by one, by easy access, travel time and avoiding traffic jams and show it to him.

First two homes from that list were right next to the temple. Sri Swamiji said, “Let us go!” and left for the first home. After the first visit was done, He got into the car without visiting the 2nd. He mentioned the name of the 3rd and said, “Let us go there.” He ordered that they would finish the 3rd and then come back to the 2nd home.

The driver devotee was wondering, “Is he not aware of the fact that we are parked right in front of the 2nd devotee’s home and he is asking to go to the 3rd devotee’s home?” Because the 3rd home was on the opposite side of the town. It was very difficult to go all the way there and return. The devotee suggested, with the intention of avoiding inconvenience to Sri Swamiji, that they could first visit the home that was nearby. Since Sri Swamiji was so surrounded by people at that place, he was concerned that Sri Swamiji might not have seen the list that he gave properly. He said, “Swamiji, the 2nd devotee’s home is right here by the car. Could we finish it and then go to the 3rd?” Sri Swamiji did not answer and just said, “Let us leave.” The driver devotee repeated, thinking that he might not have been heard due to the devotees’ zealous Nama Sankirtan.

Hearing this, Sri Swamiji majestically ordered, “It is enough to do what I say!” That devotee was shaken upon hearing this. Sri Swamiji visited the 3rd and 4th homes and so on.

His feet graced upon all parts of the town. By the time they got to the last home, it was midnight. Despite the fact that 7 hours had passed, Sri Swamiji was as glowing and zestful as before. Guru Maharaj, who was enslaved by the love of His devotees, was talking to and blessing them ever so patiently.

After the last visit was done, he remembered carefully and said, “Let us go to the 2nd home.” Saying so, he went there. They were also eagerly waiting for Sri Swamiji’s arrival. They were elated that Sri Swamiji came. After blessing them, he got in the car and started slowly talking to the devotee. 

“We visited the 1st one. I knew very well that the 2nd home was nearby but I only said no to it. Because the 2nd devotee is a disabled individual. He cannot walk fast. He came to the satsang at the temple. He has been wishing for me to visit their home for so long and welcome me with all preparations done ahead of time. That is why he had invited me home. But it will take a longer time for him than others to get home and be ready after leaving the temple. We were finished with the first home soon. He would not have reached home by that time. If we were to go to his home then we would have had to wait. He would feel guilty for letting us wait. He would feel sad about his inability in others’ presence. It would be an embarrassment for him. I did not want him to be in that state and that is why I directed you to go to the next home. I knew very well that his home was next door. I just thought that he would get more time to get ready if we come after we finish all the others. That is why, I said, “Not now.” I could also very well understand that you were concerned about the extra time that it would take and that is why you repeatedly mentioned that the home was right next door.”

That devotee was so moved by Sri Swamiji explaining why he said what he said, ever so lovingly. Not even the minutest of all things skips his attention. How does he approach them emotionally! How careful is he to not let others feel guilty about something! He approaches every incident, keeping in mind that others should not get hurt, however inconvenient it may be for himself. He handles everything with the intention that others should not feel bad. That friend thought in his mind, “This is why it is only suitable for Sri Swamiji to be called the ocean of qualities and the one of ultimate  character!”

Article originally chronicled by Dr. A. Bhagyanathan, personal secretary to Sri Swamiji, in Tamil Madhuramurali Magazine December 2022 issue, Madhurasmaranam section.
Translated into English by Smt. Mangala Gowri Sridhar, Jacksonville FL

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