This series chronicles sweet experiences recounted by the devotees of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji as well as some divine experiences of Sri Swamiji himself. These articles are translations from the series “Madhuramaana Mahaneeyar” that is published every month in Madhuramurali Tamil monthly magazine.

My Guru As I See Him

Sri G.B Srinivasamoorthy was very much devoted to Sri Swamiji. He never prayed to any mahathma other than Sri Swamiji even if He visited his residence. His mother and his sister were also highly devoted to Sri Swamiji. Sri Srinivasamoorthy completed his Bachelors in Engineering and was trying for a good job offer to settle down with. Until then, he thought of serving Sri Swamiji and stayed with Sri Swamiji. He used to serve Sri Swamiji without leaving Him even for a minute, wearing a smile on his face. He  would serve Sri Swamiji no matter what Sri Swamiji asked him to do. He did service in the first Gokulaashtami Bhrahmothsavam tirelessly and spectacularly with so much devotion.

People of the world long for so many things. But Sri Swamiji yearns only for love. He is a lover of love. Guruji is mesmerized for even an iota of love shown to Him. He also often says that love is the foundation of Krishna Bhakthi.

Sri Swamiji was talking to Sri Maha Periyava in the Kanchi Mutt from 2 am in the morning till 5 am once. Prior to leaving after darshan, Sri Swamiji went back to Sri Periyava and requested for special advice. Sri Periyava smiled and said, “Treat everyone with love; you should be loving even to those that condemn me!”

Sri Swamiji loved Sri Srinivasamoorthy so much due to his boundless love towards Sri Swamiji. One day, Sri Swamiji said to him, “Appear for IIT Entrance Exam to study MS”. He said, “Guruji, there is no way I can get it; it is too hard”.  Sri Swamiji replied “You need to sign up this time for sure. I am telling you. you should!”. He took the Entrance Exam just because Sri Swamiji said so. At the time of the announcement of the results, he hopelessly went to check on it.

When he looked at the results, he could not believe it. He passed with a very high score. He also got into Chennai IIT.

Towards the end of the course, he had to do project work. He had a complicated problem in his project work. No one could solve the problem despite trying hard including his professors. Sri Srinivasamoorthy came to Sri Swamiji and mentioned his issue.

Sri Swamiji made him sit close to Him and enquired him twice “What is the problem?”. Then he sent him away.

The problem that was unsolvable for months together got resolved the very next day morning after Sri Swamiji enquired about it. Sri Srinivasamoorthy’s joy knew no bounds.

Original Tamil article published in Madhuramurali Magazine, Dec 1996 issue
Chronicled by Smt. Jayanthi Janakiraman and translated by Smt. Mangala Gowri Sridhar, Jacksonville FL

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