Crossword – Divine Fathers

The third Sunday in June is celebrated  as Father’s Day in the USA and other parts of the world. Here’s a fun crossword to test your knowledge about ‘father figures’ from our scripture.

CW - divine fathers













5 King Dasaratha’s father
7 Draupadi’s father
11 Father of Prahalada
13 Sage Suka’s father
15 Father of Lava and Kusha
16 Father of Dhruva
17 Father of Vamana


1 Father of Lakshmana
2 Abhimanyu’s father
3 Father of the five Pandavas
4 Father of Hanuman
6 Father of Sita Devi
8 Sage Narada’s father
9 Bheeshma’s father
10 Father of Lord Ganesha and Karthikeya
12 Father of Lord Krishna
14 Devaki’s father

Compiled by
Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose CA



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