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Guru Poornima, also known as Vyasa Poornima, falls this year on July 22. Sage Veda Vyasa, the great rishi who compiled the Vedas and gave the world most of the Puranas and Itihasas, and the Brahmasutras, is said to be the first Guru of Sanatana Dharma, because without him, we would not have our great scriptures. Hence his jayanthi day (birth day) is celebrated as Guru Poornima. Here’s a chance to learn more about this great sage.


1  Veda Vyasa’s mother

5 Veda Vyasa is considered to be an incarnation of Lord ______

7  Another name of Veda Vyasa which means “One who was born on an island”

8 Veda Vyasa split this into 4 parts

10 This day marks the jayanthi of Veda Vyasa

11 Meaning of the term ‘Vyasa’

12  Veda Vyasa’s father

13  The 18th Purana which was written by Veda Vyasa



2 Guru Poornima is celebrated in this Hindu calendar month

3 Guru Poornima is also called as___

4 Epic (Itihasa) written by Veda Vyasa

6  Ascetics begin this vratha (fast) on Guru Poornima Day

9 The total number of Puranas in Hindu scriptures

11 Famous son of Veda Vyasa who was born a Jnani


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