Did you know? Animal Kingdom in Bhagavatam!

  • Indra’s elephant is called Airavatha. White in color, it was born when the Devas and Asuras churned the milky ocean in search of nectar.

  • The snake likes to live in a cool place all the time. Ant’s homes are the most coolest places. So the snake drives out the ants from the anthill and often lives there. This property of the snake is mentioned in Bhagavatam.
  • The spider spins out a web out of its own saliva and withdraws the web when it has caught its prey. This act of the spider is often mentioned in Bhagavatam to explain how the Lord creates, sustains and dissolves the world.
  • Lord Shiva drank the poison ‘kalakoota’ which arose when the milky ocean was churned. When he drank the poison, droplets of it spilled. Deadly creatures like vipers and scorpions have venom in them because they consumed drops of poison spilled thus.

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