Fortune Favors the Brave

Once upon a time in a kingdom, there lived a king who was very devoted to Lakshmi Devi in the form of Ashtalakshmi (eight forms of the Goddess). He propitiated them every day with love and faith.

Owing to his deep and complete devotion, the eight goddesses blessed the king that he would be granted their vision whenever he desired. With their blessings, the king ruled the country happily. His kingdom was blessed with every kind of wealth and hence all the citizens were happy and prosperous.

One day, the eight Lakshmis appeared in the king’s dream and told him, “O King, we have decided to leave your kingdom. But because of your devoted service, we will offer you one boon. You can choose one among us to stay back in your country. Please let us know your decision.”

The next day, the king put the question to his courtiers and subjects in the Royal Court and asked for their opinion.

The minister said, “We need money for proper governing of the kingdom. Let us retain Dhana Lakshmi.”

Next the farmers opined that the goddess of grains, Dhaanya Lakshmi, should be retained so that there will be not be any food scarcity.

Others said, “We have to retain the goddess of issue, Santaana Lakshmi.”

After hearing everyone’s opinion, the king then performed his puja to the goddesses. They appeared before him and asked him for his decision.

The king prayed to them and asked the goddess of courage, Dhairya Lakshmi, to stay back.

Everybody wanted to know the reason for the king’s decision. The king replied, “The man who possesses courage alone can do any job and fulfill his responsibilities. It is indeed in vain if one has the blessings of the other Lakshmis but not that of the goddess of courage.”

As a result of the king’s decision, all the Lakshmis decided to stay back as they were all destined to stay wherever Dhairya Lakshmi resided.

The subjects were all very happy and went home having learned the valuable lesson from their king that good fortune always favors the courageous.


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