Gopa Kuteeram New Structured Syllabus Introduced

Gopa Kuteeram is Global Organization for Divinity’s worldwide children’s life enrichment program that is conducted under the guidance of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. GK_logo 2015The program is conducted in several cities in the USA, in numerous countries across the world and also online in the USA.

The ultimate purpose of learning is not just knowledge gain. The consummation of learning lies in development into a complete individual. This is the very objective of Gopa Kuteeram, which aims at providing holistic growth to children across the world, complementing their regular school curriculum.

With this aim in mind, a new structured, worldwide curriculum has been introduced from this year. The curriculum comprises of three levels for children aged 6 through 14. Each level consists of three books. Detailed research for this was done by a team of volunteer teachers from across the world, and the final curriculum was put together in India based on Sri Swamiji’s in-depth guidance and expert inputs.

‘Gopa Kuteeram’ means the blissful association of Bhagavan Sri Krishna’s companions. The motto is ‘Learn Krishna; Learn Yourself‘. Sri Krishna epitomizes bliss, purity, selflessness, perfection, totality, compassion, wisdom, fine values, beauty, finesse, inspiring leadership and fine culture. In short, He represents the best of everything.

At Gopa Kuteeram, the aim is multidimensional growth that focuses on our time-honored traditions, value system and art, laced with devotion in a fun-filled environment.

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