Everything is indeed His Will – Govindanukku Aatpatta Kudumbamamma #3

This series was originally published in Tamil MadhuraMurali monthly magazine in India, as a 12-part series. Based on Sri Swamiji’s Madhurageetham, “Govindanukku Aatpatta Kudumbamamma Engal Kudumbam”, it speaks beautifully of how the family members of our satsang lead/need to lead their lives.

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Everything is indeed His Will

Govindanukku Aatpatta Kudumbamamma… #3

(How will the fortunate family, that leads a life of servitude to Govinda, be? Our Sri Swamiji’s Madhurageetham beautifully picturizes and shows this…)

Dharma is of two types – one is the Vedic Dharma of daanam (charity), vratham (fasting), tapas (penance), homam (sacrificial offerings), japam (chanting), learning the Vedas, dhyanam (meditation), etc. that are in the form of sadhana; and the second called Bhagavata Dharma, which is the fruit of the sadhana. Even if both these dharmas are part of our Sanatana Dharma, we call the first dharma which is in the form of sadhana as ‘saamaanya dharma’ (‘generic’ dharma) and the second dharma that is in the form of its fruit of bhakti, jnana, vairagyam as the visesha (special) ‘bhagavata dharma’.

If we take care of and grow a good crop, then we can harvest and enjoy the abundant grains. These two dharmas are like this only.

Due to Govinda’s causeless compassion, as the result of merits of many crores of births, some families get the association of a great Satguru. As a result of following saamaanya dharma earnestly, for many crores of births, some families obtain entry into the visesha dharma of ‘bhagavata dharma’.

Govinda’s grace is indeed Guru’s grace – can there be a difference between these two? This Madhurageetham paints the way of life of these satsang families who are protected by Govinda’s grace.

gOvindanukkATpaTTa kuDumbamammA engaL kuDumbam

1.illaRatthil irundiDuvOm, nallaRangaL seydiDuvOm
‘ellAm avan iShTam’ enDru eNNi allal paDamATTOm

Govinda’s grace is also like the great shower of rain from which He protected His Gopas – yes this is also a great, nectarine shower of rain! This is a sweet rain that pours on everyone, without seeing any differences. But somehow only a few fortunate people truly feel this grace. It is the same Govinda, who takes care of and protects innumerable worlds, who also takes care of and protects all the families in this world too, isn’t it? Satsang families who have received the grace of the Guru realize this and feel blessed! This Madhurageetham is indeed like the song sung by them, like an expression of their feeling of blessedness and fortune, and like their deep reminiscence of Bhagavan’s grace.

“The head of our family is indeed Govinda! From the smallest issue onwards, it is He who sincerely conducts everything. This is our fortune. Whatever is needed for us, He arranges that for us Himself. Whatever has to be taken away from our lives, He does so Himself. People in the world say that family life is a ‘burden’! Learned Vedic scholars say that worldly life is full of fear! But we don’t feel any burden; nor do we have any fear! This is because our Govinda so elegantly runs our lives and has taken on our family responsibility. If we ask, ‘What are we doing then?’- because of the love we have for Him, thinking again and again with gratitude of His compassion, we are leading our lives without bringing a frown to His divine face, in a way that is approved of by Him. That’s all! We live blissfully in His servitude!”

“gOvindanukkATpaTTa kuDumbamammA engaL kuDumbam…”

“Oh what is the nectar that Govinda pours on us! Even the daughters-in-law and sons-in-law who come into our family live in satsang. Even before a little Kitta or a dear little Radhe come into our families, they listen to Bhagavatam, listen to the Mahamantra, and obtain the kataksha of our Satguru. So as a baby itself, their talk is all about Guru, Krishna, Radhai. This is how our family is completely… “gOvindanukkATpaTTa kuDumbamammA engaL kuDumbam…”

“illaRatthil irundiDuvOm…”

In Srimad Bhagavatam, when explaining how those following householder dharma should be, Sri Krishna tells Uddhava Swami,

शिलोञ्छवृत्त्या परितुष्टचित्तो
धर्मं महान्तं विरजं जुषाण: ।
मय्यर्पितात्मा गृह एव तिष्ठन्
नातिप्रसक्त: समुपैति शान्तिम् ॥

shilonchavṛttyA paritushTa-chitto
dharmam mahAntam virajam jushANah
mayi arpitAtmA gṛuha eva tishThan
nAtiprasaktah samupaiti shAntim

“By leading his life in unchavritti dharma, he attains happiness of mind, stays free from desires for results, performs many good actions, keeps his mind absorbed in Me, lives without much attachment to family, and simply while living in the household, he attains the highest peace!”

“In this way, we live exemplifying the household that Krishna envisioned. ‘How is it possible?’ if one asks, it is all His grace only! While living in the household, we will wholeheartedly continue to perform good deeds that please Krishna-Guru such as bhagavata seva, gracious hospitality, charity to the needy, and whatever little that can be done within our means. What our Gurunathar sings also seems to show our fortune, doesn’t it?

shrI hariyE endan guruvAvAn (Sri Hari is indeed my Guru)
parivuDan ennai ATkoNDa  (shrI hari) (He is one who has taken me over, with immense compassion)

aRivonDrumillAda endanai kuRiyAy (Targetting me, who has no intellect)
kuRaiyonDrumillAda gOvindanE koNDAn (Govinda, the faultless, has taken me over)

avan ATTivaikka nAn ADuginDrEn (I move as He moves me)
avan iTTa paDi iruppadilum sukham onDruNDu (There is a joy in living as He keeps me)
oppuyarvillAda gOvindaniDam (To that Govinda who has no equal)
oppuvitthEn endanai muraLIdharan nAnE (I, Muralidhara, have surrendered myself)

Just like Sri Krishna says “mayi arpitAtmA…”, we also think that everything is His wish, give all our responsibilities to Him, and watching and reminiscing again and again the leela of how He conducts our life, we remain “samupaiti shAntim” and never worry. Instead, thinking of the wonderful blessing where Govinda Himself takes the responsibility of our family on Himself and conducts it, we are overcome with awe! While learned scholars lament that this life of samsara is full of sorrow, we on the other hand say,

“illaRatthil irundiDuvOm nallaRangaL seydiDuvOm ‘ellAm avan iShTam’ enDru eNNi allal paDamATTOm”

(We shall live in the family, we shall perform good deeds, we shall lead our life without worries, thinking, ‘Everything is indeed His will!’)

our family story shall continue…



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