Kid’s Quiz – Pandharpur Bhaktas

In our monthly “Devotees of Panduranga” series, this time we will look at incidents from the lives of 3 bhaktas – Senanayi, Komabai and Damajipant. Learn about these interesting incidents as you take the quiz.

1. What was Senanayi’s profession?
A. Farmer
B. Barber
C. Potter

2. Where did Senanayi carry out his profession?
A. At the King’s palace
B. At his home
C. At his shop

3. Why did Senanayi miss going on time to the king’s palace for his daily duty?
A. Because he lost track of time In divine communion and kirtan with Sadhus
B. Because he lost track of time as he overslept
C. He lost track of time while talking to his friends

4. What did the king experience when the “divine impersonator” of Senanayi touched his head? Who had gone to do Senanayi’s duty in his place?
A. His hair became all tangled. A rival barber had gone in Senanayi’s place.
B. He was blessed with the divine darshan of Lord Krishna playing the flute. Lord Panduranga had gone to fulfill Senanayi’s duty
C. His head became bigger. A yaksha had taken Senanayi’s place.

5. Who was Komabai?
A. A young girl who was an ardent devotee of Lord Panduranga
B. A middle aged woman who was an ardent devotee of Lord Panduranga
C. An old woman who was an ardent devotee of Lord Panduranga

6. What was Komabai’s only wish in her life?
A. To visit all the holy kshetras
B. To visit all the temples in South India
C. To have the darshan of Lord Panduranga

7. What was the problem faced by Komabai?
A. She was very poor and did not have money to pay the boatman to help her get to
the other side of Chandrabhaga river
B. She was not physically fit to go out alone
C. She had nobody to take care of her.

8. How was Komabai’s wish fulfilled?
A. She earned the money needed to pay the boatman
B. Lord Panduranga himself came in the guise of a boatman to take her to the other
side of Chandrabhaga river
C. She bought a boat on her own to help her cross the Chandrabhaga river

9. What does the term ‘Pant’ refer to?
A. Teacher
B. Minister
C. Solider

10. Who was Damajipant?
A. He was a minister serving the king of Bidar
B. He was a potter who lived in Pandarpur
C. He was a school teacher in Pandarpur

11. What was the natural calamity that struck the Pandarpur area for which Damajipant
distributed lots of grains, without the king’s consent?
A. Hurricane
B. Famine
C. Floods

12. What did Damajipant do on his way to Bidar when he was summoned by the King?
A. He tried to escape from the soldiers
B. He acted like a mad person
C. He stopped at Pandarpur and had darshan of Lord Vittala and then continued on his
journey to Bidar

13. What was the incident that happened before Damajipant reached the king’s court?
A. Lord Vitobha went in the guise of a man and handed over the money for the
grains and a letter in Damaji’s handwriting.
B. DamajiPant’s wife seeked forgiveness from the king
C. All the people who were helped by Damajipant went and met the King to forgive

14. Where did Damajipant settle down after his meeting with the the King of Bidar?
A. In Mangalveda and continued to do his job by serving King of BIdar
B. He and his wife settled down in Pandarpur and spent their time in the divine service
to Lord Panduranga
C. Settled down in Kasi

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose CA
1-B, 2-A, 3-A, 4-B, 5-C, 6-C, 7-A, 8-B, 9-B, 10-A, 11-B, 12-C, 13-A, 14-B

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